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Bud Dearborne and Andy Bellefleur get Jason

Rene: What's up with Jason and the law?
Hoyt: Maybe they think he knows something about Maudette.

Jason asks Rene to take over his work for a while

Jason: Hey Rene, I gotta go into town for a while. You'll take over?
Rene: Yeah, yeah. Everything all right?
Jason: Yeah. No, it's nothing to worry about. Everything's fine.
Don't tell my sister, okay?
*Jason walks away*
Hoyt: Hey, what'd you do, Jason?
*Jason stops for a second but doesn't turn around. He then walks over to Bud and Andy.*
Rene (to Hoyt): What the fuck, huh?
*They watch him get in the police car*

At Merlotte's

*Hoyt, Rene and Arlene hang out. Hoyt and Rene play pool. It's Rene's turn. He doesn't score*
Arlene: Oh, baby.
Hoyt: Oh, baby.
Arlene: You can do better then that.
Hoyt: Oh, baby.
*They laugh*

Still at Merlotte's

*Hoyt hangs up the billiard cue*
Hoyt: Damn, you suck, Rene.
*Arlene laughs*
Rene: Quiet you.
Arlene: I cannot believe I am here on my night off. Just pouring my hard earned money back into Sam Merlotte's pocket.
*Sookie walks up to them*
Sookie: What happened to my brother, Rene?
Rene: Oooh, hell. I promised I wasn't going to tell ya-you.
Sookie: What happened?
Hoyt: Oh, uh, well. Uh, Bud Dearborne and, uh, Andy Bellefleur, uh, they asked him some questions, and then they just threw him in the back of the squad car.
Sookie: So you don't even know for a fact that they arrested him.
Rene: Well, they...they didn't cuff him or nothin'.
Arlene: Sookie, I am so sorry
Sookie: For what? Y'all are already acting like Jason's been convicted of killing Maudette, we don't even know what they were talking to him about. Bud Dearborne just made a mistake. That's all.
Hoyt: Yeah, yeah. It has to be, because Jason's a real standup guy.
Sookie: No, he's not, Hoyt. He's selfish, egotistical, and a complete horndog, but he is not a killer!